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☀️💧 Activity for all day - tracking water, laundry etc [Multiple activity]#43

I think it would be really cool if you could have an activity where it goes throughout the day and has multiple checks but is not at a certain time it just goes throughout the day. For instance for tracking the amount of water you drink and you check one off at a time but it doesn’t span from a certain time of day.

2 years ago

I’d love to have this. I do multiple loads of laundry in a day (bc I have a messy infant and a potty training todd) so it would be nice to have a “repeat” option that lets you hold multiple times a day

2 years ago
Changed the title from "Multiple activity" to "☀️💧 Activity for all day - tracking water, laundry etc [Multiple activity]"
2 years ago

It would be great for all-day events from calendar apps to be imported this way too.

It’d be cool to include functionality for setting a frequency for the checkboxes too. The idea being that other activities that aren’t scheduled for a particular time bubble up to the top if you’re on track for completing your all-day activity by the end of the day, but when another checkbox (drink of water, load of laundry, etc.) is due the all-day activity bubbles back up to remind you.

Also, eventually, it’d be cool to upgrade this feature to tap into time-tracking to set the frequency of notifications/appearances in the right now tab based on how long a washer or dryer or dishwasher load takes or how often you want to drink water.

Allowing the time period to be shrunk down from a default of a day could be used to scale the total time during which the multiple tasks are scheduled which then could be divided into even intervals for notifications about each checklist item.

2 years ago

Another idea… You could make routines behave like this kind of activity by creating a sort of “hollow” activity or activity bucket to put between activities which would allow activities not in the routine to schedule/show up between activities in the routine. Completing normal activities would act like checking off checklist items. To help with repetition, a little counter on the routine to specify the number of times to repeat (and display) the activities inside would speed things up.

2 years ago

I don’t know if this is exactly the same as what is being suggested, but I forget to go back to the dryer or washer machine or whatever and don’t complete the task. A associated timer would be great so my laundry doesn’t get moldy

2 years ago

jesferr - for that what i do is i made a routine, i have it set to 5 min to gather clothes then 45 in the washer then 5 min to switch then an hour in the dryer then 30 to fold that way you get reminders when it’s time to switch them over and such and i have that repeat every sunday because that’s when i do the laundry so i never forget hope this helps

2 years ago
Merged schedule task for more than 1x daily#571
a year ago

It would be helpful to just have and use reminders, things to do multiple times a day,
Right now I end up making a 24 hour long task every day as my daily reminders which works ok but it’s very glitchy when it crosses over to midnight.

6 months ago