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馃洃 Skip task or mark as incomplete#126

Ability to mark a task on a activity checklist as skipped or incomplete by holding the task. instead of tapping.

This way you can complete the activity even if you couldn鈥檛 complete all the tasks.

It will show as 2/3 activity 鉁 [completed]

  1. 鈽戯笍 Brush teeth
  2. 馃洃 Flossing
  3. 鈽戯笍 Put toothbrush in charger

This way you can move on to the next activity in your routine.

2 years ago
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2 years ago
Changed the title from "Skip task or mark as incomplete" to "馃洃 Skip task or mark as incomplete"
2 years ago

Hi Jordan,

Thank you for this suggestion! This makes a lot of sense. You are not the first user to highlight the fact there is a need to mark activities as done/not done, as opposted to just letting time determine whether tasks are done.

This examples helps us a lot in understanding the need even better! Thank you for this!

If you want to and have the time, could we have a short chat about this?

/ Signe, Product Designer at Tiimo

2 years ago

Yes I would be up for that , I love the idea behind the app and willing to invest some time.

Let me know what channel you guys want to use to connect.

2 years ago

Hi Jordan,

Amazing, thank you for getting back! I really appreciate it.

If possible, could you please drop me an email at, then we can continue the conversation here? Otherwise let me know how to reach out.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

All the best

/ Signe

2 years ago

Hi! Same here, I think this feature is really important!

I don鈥檛 know why but without an Apple Watch I haven鈥檛 found a good way to get notifications when actions start, so I sometimes will only come back to the app in the evening to review what I鈥檝e actually accomplished and what I didn鈥檛 do.

I will then see my actions automatically marked as checked, but I didn鈥檛 actually do those.

It would be really helpful to manually check actions, and if I didn鈥檛 check them, I would like to take notes why I wasn鈥檛 able to do those. I could then change my routines based on those notes and find a better schedule for myself.

Thank you for the awesome work though, really love the app!

2 years ago

Dear Michi M.

Thank you for this feedback and for describing your need in detail like this. It鈥檚 very valuable, thank you!

All the best

2 years ago

I鈥檝e made it a action list on my weekly to do.
I鈥檒l send you a e-mail together with other improvements that my adhd brain 馃 is craving for.

Example :
After completing a activity or routine, if you have skipped tasks then you get a new menu asking you to do a short reflection on why you didn鈥檛 complete the task.

Example :
Tooth brushing 馃Ψ

  • Each tooth for 10 seconds 鈽戯笍
  • flossing 馃洃

Completed 1/2
Can you reflect on this activity or routine ?
What made it you didn鈥檛 complete all tasks or skipped some ?

You can then fill in :
I didn鈥檛 have enough time and had to leave the house.

Bottom line :
At the end of a week or month you can see what tasks you regularly don鈥檛 complete all tasks.
Then you get a nice overview of all reflections you did when not completing a tasks so you can adjust your activity or routine because of the insight this gives you.

Also important that this reflection request can be postponed.
Sometimes your in a hurry after not completing a task.

You can then choose :
Reflect on activity later

The app will then ask you again to reflect at a given moment in the evening.

O yea and a mood tracker before and after a routine or activity so you can see how you feel before and after doing the work.

:) you will hear from me soon.
I鈥檒l try to give some visual examples aswell ;)


2 years ago

Dear Jordan,

Thank you for this message! Very much looking forward to hearing from you. Would also be up for a quick chat if you would like that!

All the best

2 years ago

Hi hi,
I agree with all everyone is asking for above as I also would benefit from their use cases.

For me, I have recurring daily routines, but sometimes they need to be modified. I鈥檓 ok with creating a new activity for the one-off days here and there that are different and which will necessarily supersede a similar set of routine activities but changed for a special event, etc.

Therefore I鈥檇 like to be able to 鈥渟kip鈥 and record a skipped routine in a log of my day.


a year ago

Like it be good to choose reminders when things are taking too long then or get nagged. And we could even choose a nagging setting but we would need ability to post pone nagging if working on something activley and it鈥檚 just taking longer. This also would prompt us to skip, complete, or reschedule something in our day.

Like the act of rescheduling things visually can show us what we are pushing out of the way of being able to do.

a year ago

This. It acts as if I finished tasks that I forgot even existed just because I scheduled them.
There needs to be a way to keep tasks active and undone until I actually do them, and then reflect on why they didn鈥檛 get done.

9 months ago

This was the missing feature that caused me to stop using Tiimo, and the feature that would bring me back if added.

Maybe everyone else who uses this app is just more organised than me, but I struggle to see how a task manager that marks tasks as completed on its own can be used to manage tasks!

6 months ago

This would definitely make the app more useful because sometimes I need more time for something else and I might not get a chance to pause so being able to see what I marked as done and not done gives me a better idea of what I may need to adjust to make sure everything gets done or move stuff so it all gets done just on different days

5 months ago